Enameled lava stone tables

Our tables in glazed lava stone are produced by craftsmen out of blocks of raw lava extracted directly from the vulcano. This grey lava of excellent quality shows a homogeneous look, and is strengthened by several layers of enamel baked twice at 1000°C for a total of 8 hours, giving the pieces unequaled physical resistance:

  • Resist high temperatures up to 380°C
  • Sanitry and bacteria free
  • No scratches, resistant to acids and bleach
  • Colors do not fade under sunlight, absolutely frost proof
  • Easy maintenance, washable with a quick wipe and soap.

Custom enameled lava tables

Our glazed lava stone tables encompass the cozy, warm and comfortable mountain atmosphere and style that befits a mountain chalet.

We engrave inscriptions, texts, logos and patterns on demand. Think outside the box! Play with colors, mix and match; the limits are only your imagination. We can even create your own personal designs on the enameled lava.


Kitchen furniture using the ideal properties of enameled lava stone.


The properties of enameled lava stone make it perfect for your bathroom.


Beautiful interior and exterior tables made with enameled lava stone.


Art and decoration lava stone objects for the pleasure of your eyes.