Couleur Lave

We create furniture with enameled lava stone. Kitchen, bathrooms, tables and decoration objects both resistant and beautiful to equip your interior.

Bathroom | Online Shop

Visit our online shop dedicated to enamelled lava stone bathroom


Kitchen furniture using the ideal properties of enameled lava stone.


The properties of enameled lava stone make it perfect for your bathroom.


Beautiful interior and exterior tables made with enameled lava stone.


Art and decoration lava stone objects for the pleasure of your eyes.

The creation of our products

Glazed lava stone is manufactured from real volcano lava. The hot lava, once cooled, transforms into a light and solid rock. If you want to know more about the manufacture of our product you can visit our Manufacture page.

Bathroom | Online Shop

Visit our online shop dedicated to the bathroom. You can find lava stone basins and sinks, free-standing or hanging furniture sets and a wide range of accessories. We offer a wide choice of sizes and colours to best suit your needs. Our products are available for delivery throughout Europe.

Mountain furniture

Discover out partner for mountain furniture and accessories. Unique furniture and accessories such as stools, household linen, wallets and interior decoration products. Made from different materials such as raw wood and glazed lava stone for the right mix of textures and colors Mountain chalet trend is fashionable and is more and more present at home.