Terms and Conditions

Except as otherwise agreed through specific stipulations between PT Volcano Color Couleur Lave and the customer, all offers of creation, investigation and supplies of our products are undertaken, without exception, within the terms and conditions outlined below.
All orders will imply the client’s agreement to the terms and conditions presented herewithin.

Modifications will only be accepted within the 48 hours following receipt of the purchase order on commercial headed paper, except where a formal written agreement is provided by PT Volcano Color Couleur Lave.
The contract is only finalised once the order has been formally accepted.

Our prices are valid for three months only, from the date of the written quotation.
The prices stipulated in the quotation are understood as those at the moment of factory exit.
The quotation does not include: removal costs, transport costs, customs, any other taxes and costs relating to sending, exporting and delivery of the merchandise.

Timings given in our order confirmations are provided as indicative only. Any potential delays will not incur sale cancellation, nor will it incur the refusal to receive the delivery or receiving any compensation.

Our merchandise is sold upon leaving the factory.
The risks inherent to packaging, removal, transport, sending, administrative and/or customs formalities are insured by the customer or his/her agent (cargo, transporter etc…).

The enameling of the lava is an artisanal technique.
The transparency of the colour renders visible the imperfections of the material and its cracks, more or less fine, on the surface of the finished product. These are called faïençages, the imperfections are characteristics of enameled lava and are not to be considered defects or anomalies.
Any complaints about our products should be made in writing by email or fax to PT Volcano Color Couleur Lave, within three days of the merchandise being received at the customer’s address.

PT VOLCANO COLOR COULEUR LAVE will not be held responsible for any improper technical use of its materials.

The removal of any merchandise from the factory will only occur once the totality of the agreed price has been paid to PT Volcano Color Couleur Lave.
The buyer commits to providing proof of a bank transfer to PT Volcano Color Couleur Lave as order payment.
Without full payment or proof of bank transfer, PT Volcano Color Couleur Lave reserves the right to prevent the removal of the merchandise.

Upon receipt of PT Volcano Color Couleur Lave’s acceptance of the customer’s purchase order, a 50% deposit of the total transaction is required.
The order will only be processed once the deposit has been received, or a proof of bank transfer to PT Volcano Color Couleur Lave’s bank account has been provided.

PT Volcano Color Couleur Lave remains the sole owner of the merchandise until the payment has been made in totality.